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Need A Reliable Round Rock Roofing Contractor?

If you need roof repairs or an entire new roof, we are a renowned roofing construction business from Round Rock, Texas at your service.

We will also travel to homes and businesses near the Round Rock area. As your home is a major investment, don't make the mistake of hiring the services of companies who are not legally backed with licenses to work in Texas. They also need to be bonded and carry insurance to protect your home and it's inhabitants. It's better to be on the safe side than the broke and sorry side. Insurance and building regulations will cover your project from any mishaps and even bankruptcy issues.

Now on to our costs. We will quote you a price with our no obligation free estimate. The price will be impacted by the choice of materials you have or desire. Slate tiles are expensive, more so than Asphalt. If your roof has lots of steep angles (high pitch) this will increase the complexity and labor time. Our free estimate provides you the complete picture of where your money is going towards.



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Got Roof Damage?

Your roof consists of many individual elements that make up the sum of all it's parts, and each can take a battering over the years, via weather conditions, moss, algae and even ice build ups. Water leaks can cause a lot of damage and roof leak repair bills can be higher if the structure of your roof and walls is compromised. Chimneys and skylights can naturally complicate and raise the price of roofing repair jobs. Skylights let a lot of much needed light into properties but their cumbersome nature can often lead to water leaks.

We will quote you the cost of all the repair work and labor costs, or price you for a new roof in our estimate. You will also receive an approximate job completion length.
Depending on the material used and quality of the workmanship, your roof can last 20-30 years. If yours is nearing that it is worth getting an assessment. Just like when your car is leaking oil, it will only get worse if you don't fix it. The same is true of your roof. If your roof is weakened, a bad storm that hits out of the blue can cause an imminent collapse. Get problems fixed before they cause extensive damage to not only your roof, but the rest of your home.

We have treated homes after storms, but not just extreme wind or storm surges, but for hail damage. Hailstones the size of a tennis ball can go right through the tiles on your roof. A hole in your roof will invite pests and the weather to enter, it will also allow heat to escape from your home. It's wise to fix roof problems early on so the damage doesn't affect your entire home.

Now you know the true meaning of a stitch in time saves nine.


Clear The Debris Lately?

Ice and leaves can also clog up your gutters and spouting, meaning water can not escape from your roof the way its supposed to. We will check for this because lying water always leads to rot and mold. If you haven' t ever had your roof cleaned , or if it's been a long time, you can invite trouble upon yourself. Clutter leads to debris dams. Debris dams can cause a water, algae and sludge build up. This will create excessive moisture on your roof which will eventually make it's way under your roof and emerge inside your home.

In the best-case scenario, prevention is the optimum option. Next best is tackling roof problems at an earlier stage. It can be extremely difficult to find the source of a water leak, but if you don't find it, it will cause major problems if it's not stopped. Water travels and your roof is usually pitched so water runs downstream and along rafters and plaster before it usually is found dripping down your walls and ceilings.

Water can appear in your home through popped nails in tiles, and not always as a direct result of major structural damage or the impact from a storm. If your roof does not have good ventilation for instance it can prematurely age, and even cause mold, rot and mildew to spread throughout your home. Your roof can actually be too airtight, probably once thought of as a good idea. But if this is the case it can't breathe, and condensation and mold will manifest from trapped air and carbon dioxide.

Over the years we have fixed hundreds of roof leaks and can usually detect if they have been continuing short or long term. Brown or yellow stains can emerge on ceilings, directly the result of a slow leak soaking through insulation in your attic space. Leaks are subtle and usually don't become noticeable until they have been running for quite some time.


Ensuring Your Roof Lasts For Years

We only use commercial grade products backed by manufacturer warranties of up to 25 years. We also only work with the best products and perform our duties in a courteous professional manner.

We provide services for the commercial sector and can consult with insurance companies. We have completed projects for warehouses, municipal and government buildings.

Keep your roof in good health with our maintenance package. Unless there is a lot of structural damage this can work for the older roof. Contact us to discuss the options as scheduled maintenance can save you the price of a new roof.

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