Roof Replacement: Things to Know Before You Get Started

Are you about to replace your roof? Or do you plan on remodeling your home? A roof replacement can increase the value of your home if you plan on renovating. And remember if you are installing a drywall or repainting bedrooms, all your hard-earned cash or labor hours will be ruined if you have a leaky roof.

There’s no arguing that the roof is one of the most important components of your house, it's on a par with the foundations. While it’s budget wrecking to replace your roof, the aesthetic and critical functions it performs is well worth the value.

That being the case, you would want to ensure that the job is done right before you even start spending a dime. Here are a few things you need to be aware of.


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Hunt For The Better Roofer

Since you don’t need to replace your roof until decades after its installation, roofers don’t generally concern themselves with repeat customers. Some companies will hire low-wage workers and if you base your choice mainly on price, you could end up with contractors with no regard for quality work.

To avoid this predicament, get some recommendations from people you trust. You can also get recommendations from manufacturer’s website for a list of their recommended contractors. By doing this, you can avoid landing on some fly-by-night wrecking crew.


Remove The Old

If you’re living in cold climate, it’s better to remove the entire old roof rather than just installing a new layer of asphalt shingles on top of the old one. Doing this will allow the roofer to install a rubber membrane, ice and water shield which will prevent leaks right at the eaves in the case of ice buildup.

This can get a little more complicated if you have other than asphalt shingles up there. If you have wood shingles, for example, you don’t only need to remove everything off, you also need to install new plywood decking.


Opt For Top Quality Products

Going for the top shelf will not only give more selling points when you’re ready to move, it will also remove all the worries that you may have regarding your roof. This means going for 50-year-shingles with an architectural look which will give your home an upscale character.

You would also want to install copper flashing because this is the more durable metal to seal the joint where the roof and the wall meet. While all these may mean spending more, your rewards are much greater.


Be Thorough With The Paperwork

Although replacing your roof is a relatively quick job in relation to the overall scheme of home remodeling, it involves a huge amount of liability and money. You need to have three important documents before you can undergo this project.


Building Permit

In most towns, a building permit is required before you can start a roofing project. You must remember that the roof warranty will be likely voided if you don’t have this document and this will also ensure that your contractor is following the building code.

Written Contract

This will contain all the details of the project that you agreed to, all the products that will be used and the cost.


Coverage Letter From The Insurance Provider

This letter will confirm to you that the project has coverage and you will be compensated in case things go south under the roofer’s compensation and liability plan.


Don’t Give The Final Payment Until The Last Nail Is Removed

Roofing is messy work. When the roofer comes for the last payment, make sure they clean up everything to a standard you are happy with, for instance make sure they use a giant magnet wheel to remove fallen nails around your property that can potentially cause flat tires or even injuries.

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