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Based in Wichita Falls, Texas we are a fully licensed bonded and insured family owned roofing contractor. We have been successfully operating around this vicinity for years with many happy customers. Not many repeat, as we build our roofs to last! Only employ a contractor that's licensed, bonded and insured. You want to be covered in the rare case of an accident or in the event a supplier goes out of business. It also lets you know you are working with serious professionals qualified for the task at hand - who will complete the job.


How Much Can I Expect to Pay?

To work out our service price we will have to look at your roof and find out it's condition, and if you want to go with the same style of roof or upgrade to longer lasting materials. We will quote you an estimate before lifting any tools. Of course we will provide a written contract so your money and your property is protected. Once we have discussed the materials with you and assessed your roof we can provide a quote.




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What Can Cause Roof Damage

A simple little thing such as a roof leak can have drastically bad effects not only on your roof, but it can also harm electrical cabling, cause structural damage and destroy plaster and weaken supporting walls. Chimneys and skylights traditionally at some stage or another during their lifespan are the source of leaks. Usually from ill-fitting and/or loose sealing or flashing issues. If mortar or lead was used to seal your chimney or skylights it can become loose or be dislodged by trapped rain or debris.

If quick hardening mortar was not used anywhere on your roof it may not have set properly and it will not be strong enough to do its job. Tiles will eventually push upwards and let in water. Roofing technology has now advanced and we are moving away from mortar based systems especially on ridge tiles and lead flashing. Instead we are using double screw and nail installations which prevent high winds from blowing off tiles.

Incidentally if you are worried about high winds, hail or hurricanes affecting your home a cement tile is recommended as the best protection. A cement tile will also prevent large hailstones cracking straight through your roof, which can happen if large softball sized hailstones come raining down against your roof. Just on the subject of storms, if storm repair experts parade your neighborhood after bad weather has hit you would be unwise to book their services.

Questions you need to ask - why are they just passing through your street? Have they got any licenses and insurance? If so write down the license number and check it against your local building regulations office. Bear in mind they could have stolen these details from a legitimate contractor so ask for ID's and a valid insurance document. Then check this. By the time these guys can even spell the word credentials you will probably see them bolt off towards the sunset. Roofing is serious work and should only be carried out by trusted qualified professionals!

Roof Repairs

If your roof needs some attention it's worth noting it may not need major repairs. Some of course will have to be completely stripped and put on from new, but if you have a roof that is about to collapse you will most likely know. You can get 25 years and more out of the average roof before it needs to have work done. A little maintenance definitely goes a long way in preventing small problems from turning major.

We provide our services to both the commercial and residential sectors frequently working on school, municipal, government and office blocks. We also cater to private enterprise needs, such as installing or repairing eco-friendly energy efficient roofs. We also offer roof maintenance packages which may also be suitable for an older roof. Over time the elements will naturally age your roof, but you can enhance it's life with some regular upkeep.




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