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Looking for a reliable and regulated roofing contractor in Tyler, Texas? Apart from having insurance and experience we have lots of satisfied customers around the Tyler area and beyond. Amateur companies don't offer this protection and will not have up to date training on building regulations.

Roofs are built to very precise regulations these days, ventilation is now an important part. This is not only beneficial for prolonging the life of your roof, but also for regulating your homes heat and air flow, resulting in a warmer house during the colder months, and a much cooler house when temperatures rise. Homes with bad ventilation are a haven for damp and condensation. This is also harmful for your respiratory system and extremely detrimental to allergy and asthma sufferers.

So how much will our services cost?

We will carry out an inspection and then quote you for repairs or a roof replacement if yours is beyond fixing, or needs to be brought up to today's standards. Our quote will list the labor and material costs. The surface area and labor time, and materials needed for your specific roof will take up most of the bill. Chimneys, skylights, and existing damage can play a part in the overall cost. We will provide you a cost breakdown so you can work out where your money is being spent on.

Our estimate will determine if repairs or a new roof is the best option. Just like running into unplanned roadworks, no one likes their schedules to be disrupted without an end date. We will therefore provide you an approximate start and end date for your project.



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Building Or Remodeling Your Home?

If you are building a new home or business, or about to renovate or remodel, don't settle for amateurs. We have a great deal of experience in the commercial and residential markets, and have worked on municipal, state and private enterprise energy efficient buildings. A home or business is going to be one of the most valuable assets you will ever have, so make sure yours is built correctly. We have the experience to complete your job on budget and on time.


Is A Roof Leak A Serious Concern?

It certainly can be as not only can a water leak structurally weaken your roof, it can also mess up your nice interior decor touches, and leave furniture beyond repair. Chimneys and skylights that weren't sealed properly can often be the cause of water leaks. Once water or condensation appears inside your home, mold and condensation starts to become a major issue. Your lungs weren't designed to operate in such a moist atmosphere.

A roof can go through 30 years before it needs repairs or replacing. Chat with us today to arrange a roof inspection if you have any concerns over the health of yours. You won't always need to replace your entire roof if it is damaged. It depends on the skill of the original builders, the design process and how your roof has aged over the years.

Did you know that hail storms can have a negative impact on your home? A softball sized hail chunk can smash against your roof with enough velocity that it will crack or go right through a roof tile. Next up you have a crack or small hole in your roof. It doesn't take much of a crack for water and the elements to work it's way inside your roof. Next you have a drip. Then condensation and rot kicks in. If you don't notice this at first (which most people don't in roof attics as cracks can't be seen), water will travel down supporting beams and began to rot them and also appear on ceilings and supporting walls inside your home.

Dealing with roof problems as early as possible is always the best policy. Water damage can be a nightmare and can be caused by lots of different things, like loose mortar, broken flashing (sealant), storm damage, trapped water, trapped expanding ice, debris, UV rays weakening shingles, old damaged tiles.....

We have a lot of experience dealing with leaks and tracing them right back to the source (water travels and it can be difficult to detect the starting point). From observing the damage we can tell how long on average the leak has been going on usually. Some common signs of slow leaks are brown or yellowish stains on ceilings resulting from water soaking through insulation. Black mold and severe condensation are also other tell tale signs.

As roofs are meant to last most of our suppliers offer long term warranties- up to 50 years on roof tiles. We only work with the best materials designed to last. Apart from repairs and replacements we have a roof maintenance service. Get in contact with us to discuss all your options as regular maintenance or repairs will prolong the life of your roof which can save you thousands over the term of your roof.

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