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Welcome, we provide roofing services to Rowlett Texas and nearby. We are licensed and insured and have many satisfied customers in the Rowlett area and beyond. So what have we got to offer you? We are experienced in the commercial and residential sector. We are state regulated and insured. You should always work with companies with insurance and who hold bonds and licenses. This protects you against any unplanned mishaps. Only professional contractors have licenses, bonding and insurance policies. As with everyday life mistakes can occur and even something like bad weather or unforeseen circumstances can throw plans into disarray, causing delays which offset your project.

The price we charge is always based on a per job basis. Each roof we look at is usually different from the previous one. Say for example two houses are in an identical development, they can age differently and also suffer individual accidental damage, or be the victim of poor workmanship. Once we inspect your home we will supply an estimate that includes the cost of labor and materials before you agree for us to work on your home.

The price factors in the materials you need, the extent of the damage and repairs, the labor time, and also whether it's a new roof  you need or minor to major repairs. Jobs can take longer if your roof has a large surface area, or is complicated with lots of slopes, chimneys, skylights or intricate design work.





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Roof Leaks & Damage

The proverbial roof leak plagues a lot of homes, usually everyones at some stage. They can occur around troublesome skylights and chimneys or develop as your roof ages and shingles start to wear. A slow leak usually takes longer to detect and finding the source can be a difficult task. It's best though to stop a leak as soon as you find it as water travels and rots and can cause a lot of irreparable damage. Did you ever have a friend who went on vacation and they had a burst pipe that went unnoticed? Well a bust pipe can destroy an entire home which can cause you to demolish an entire building.

Roof leaks generally don't get that bad, but they can damage walls, ceiling, plaster and even furniture and leave a musty damp smell in your home that is almost impossible to get rid off. Water can get into your home from lots of sources- trapped water, loose tiles and brickwork, ice dams, cracked or missing tiles, and holes. A hole can even emerge from a large hail stone impacting your roof at a high speed.

Arrange an inspection with us if you suspect you have a leak or have suffered some roof damage. If you notice some yellow or brown patches on your ceiling or on any of your walls get in touch. If you have mold, damp or a fusty smell in your attic space or upper rooms we can investigate if you have a leak. If furniture is wet in your attic, if the insulation or plywood under your roof tiles is damp, it's likely water is making it's way inside your home.

A damp house raises energy bills and is particularly bad for anyone who has asthma, allergies or respiratory problems.

Before we carry out an work on your home we will conduct an inspection. A roof replacement will only even be an option in extreme cases, and you most likely will know if your roof is in a bad state. In general repair terms it's best to meet roof problems head on before they take hold and leave your roof in an unfit condition. If you leave them to fester small problems can become major issues.

A roof built with regular shingles such as asphalt can last 20-25 years. Shingles are coated with granules which protect your roof from the searing rays of the sun. When tiles age the granules can fall off and it leaves your tiles soaking up the sun which prematurely ages them. When tiles are worn they become brittle and break easily. If you notice a lot of granules in the gutters or drains, or on the ground around your home after a storm you will know your tiles are not adequately protected from the elements.

Repair cracks or holes in your roof immediately if you notice them. A hole will allow rain, ice, debris, birds and even rodents to enter. This will totally mess up your homes ventilation, increase your energy bills (more air con + oil needed), and allow water to rot and potentially makes it's way into electric cables, and cause damp and rot to attack the structure of your entire home.



Our staff are exceptionally skilled in finding leaks and tracing them to the source. Water travels and pinpointing where a slow leak has started can be very difficult, and sometimes involves lifting many roof tiles and layers of your roof. Some common signs of long standing leaks are black mold, condensation, damp, and cracks in walls, plaster and wood, as well as a bad smell in your attic or upper rooms.

We will only ever use the best available products, like long lasting GAF shingles which  have up to 50 year warranties against defects. We use the best products and will complete your project with professional craftsmanship.

We also work in the commercial sector and can design, repair, replace or perform maintenance on commercial properties and liaise with insurance companies.

As well as repairing and installing new roofs we also have a  roof maintenance packages. This service is available on new and older roofs, if they are in a good enough standard. Regular maintenance will prevent structural damage setting in which will prematurely age your roof.

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