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We are an experienced, professional and friendly roofing company hailing from Richardson Texas. We service this area and it's districts. Before you book in a roofer, do a checklist to see if the company is licensed and is insured. It's best to have any problems covered by insurance, and legitimate roofing contractors must have licenses to get insurance in the first place.

Now on to the tough bit - the costs. We offer free estimates so you can decide if you want to proceed with our services or not. If your roof is complicated with steep angles and chimneys, this will increase costs due to the labor time & materials. If you have been shopping around you probably know that roof tiles also vary wildly in price and we can quote you several prices based on different tile types.

We make the quote individual to your requirements. Your roof is also made up of many individual elements that combine to make up the sum of it's parts, and each can age over the years, from everyday weather conditions, and the onset of yearly UV rays, mold and ice build ups. If in doubt, book in a check up.


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Roof Leaks

If you have a leak water will travel as far as it is allowed rotting and molding all surfaces until it eventually escapes or accumulates in one spot. This can leave you with one heck of a repair bill and leave you with a lot of wood and plaster to dry out and potentially replace if it is beyond repair. Water can appear inside your home, but more often than not the source will be several meters away. If your roof was designed without ventilation in mind it can lead to mold appearing inside your home, especially in the attic space and upper rooms.

Water leaks are often caused due to poor sealing around chimneys and skylights. As some roofs have multiple chimneys and skylights the price of repairs can rise due to their complexities. We are extremely experienced at leak detection and can pinpoint usually just how long it has been occurring. A slow leak is tricky to find, and can emerge as brown or yellow patches on ceilings or walls.

If you tackle roof problems at the early stage you can stop major structural damage ensuing. To the untrained eye it can be extremely difficult to find the source of a water leak, but if it's not found, it has the potential to cause big problems if it's not stopped.


Need A New Roof?

Some roofs can be repaired and reinforced but others will require stripping and replacing. Our estimate will detail the entire costs.  We will provide an approximate start and finish date so you can adjust your schedule.

A roof will on average last around 25 years. We will be more than happy to conduct a thorough roof health check inspection if you are concerned. Like problems with your car, the longer you leave it when there are problems on your roof, the worse they become. Holes, cracked or missing tiles, rot, leaks, loose brick work or missing flashing can render your roof in a poor state. Take action and attend to any problems early on before they take hold and become major issues.



We are not trying to hype things up here but the weather takes a toll on your roof. It can even come under attack from large hail stones. They have the capacity to penetrate roof tiles. An exposed roof is not good, as it's function is to shelter, warm and cool your house. It does not do this well with a hole in it's structure. When temperatures dip your home will suffer.

Rain, snow, ice, birds and even rodents will make a new home in your home! These don't make for good bedfellows with humans and do not promote a healthy home environment.  If there is a hole running water can spark a fire if water envelopes electric wiring. Ice build ups can also clog up the gutters and spouting, and this will create trapped water. Trapped water will weaken your roof and cause it to rot. That's why a roof is created with slopes, gutters, spoutings and even lead flashing- so water runs off and can't enter your home.

If you experience a rough storm be on guard concerning sales reps who show up on your door. If they were who they said they were, you would have found them no doubt or seen their advertising. Ask for licenses and then check the details with your local building code enforcement office.

We use the highest commercial grade products; GAF shingles which we use for instance have a 50 year warranty against defects. We also have the expertise and experience to get the job done right, regularly working on commercial enterprises. If your needs are commercial based, we can provide, energy efficient long last roofing systems to match your climate and work environment.

We also have a roof maintenance package which protects your roof and prevents rot and long term problems from getting a grip. This can even work on an older roof unless there is a lot of structural damage. Your roof will appreciate a service just like your car does. It performs to it's optimum level if its free from water, mold, and it's components are free from damage.

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Richardson, TX 75081, United States
Communities we service:

Richardson Dallas Garland Plano Addison Sachse Carrollton

75080, 75081, 75082, 75083, 7508 75228, 75238, 75243, 75045, 75046, 75047, 75049

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