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If you have been looking for a professional regulated roofing contractor in Plano Texas allow us to introduce ourselves. We operate in Plano and all nearby areas, if in doubt about distance contact us with your query. Ensure your roofing company is licensed, and holds insurance to cover any accidental damage or anything occurs out of normal circumstances. You don't want to be left high and dry if a fly-by-night company suddenly bites the dust.

The cost of your job depends on assessing a lot of elements. Before we even lift a single tool we will give you a no obligation estimate so you know exactly what the costs will be. The choice of materials used and the intricacies of your roof, as well as it's size and slope (pitch) will determine the price.

Our quote will make it easy to see where the bulk of your money is being spent on. A roof holds many separate essential components and each brings it's own set of challenges and has to be accounted for when it comes to completing your project.



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Need A Roof Leak Fixed?

Water leaks can cause a lot of damage and roof leak repair bills can be higher if the structure of your roof and walls is compromised. If you have several skylights or chimneys or ornate design work we will factor this in our quote as the flashing (sealant) around them may have to be repaired or newly installed. A good place to start searching for a leak is around chimneys and skylights.

Our estimate will factor in whether you need repair work or a completely new roof. So you know the length of the expected work, we will provide an approximate start and finish date.

The lifespan of a roof is usually around 25 years. If you notice your roof is in bad health get in contact and we carry out an inspection. Just like when your car is leaking oil it will only get worse if you don't fix it, & the same is true of your roof. If your roof is not fit for purpose it could collapse in a storm. Don't let problems with your roof run or you could end up in a disaster.

Inclement weather changes such as a hail storm can negatively impact your roof. It's not uncommon for your roof to be punctured by a large piece of hail after a brief storm. Repair holes in your roof as soon as you find them. Pests can freely enter, as can the weather, and your house will not ventilate properly.

Water and electric causes a fire hazard. Leaving problems on your roof to run can end in extensive damage. A stitch in time saves nine reflects what you should do with roof problems. Water can be dammed in by ice and leaf build ups in your spoutings and gutters or dips in your roof. If water doesn't escape it will rot through the surface of your roof, and this is something we will check for.

Be cautious of anyone claiming to represent storm damage experts after bad weather wreaks havoc in your neighborhood. If they actually were, you would have heard of them.

In the best case scenario, tackling roof problems at an earlier stage is always the best option. A water leak left unchallenged can compromise your entire home.

There are lot of places where water can enter through your home, from missing or damaged tiles or rot. If your roof was not designed with ventilation in place, it can cause problems with mold spreading throughout your home.

We are experts at repairing roof leaks, and judging how long they have been happening for. If you notice yellow or brown staining on your ceiling and walls, your house is trying to tell you it has a slow leak (which has been dripping onto insulation before manifesting itself).

We understand your home is an investment for life and we use manufactures that have been around for years and supply lifetime warranties. We will only use the best products and tend to your roof with expert craftsmanship.

We can back up everything we do with a long standing record of commercial industry work. Standards and safety have the highest presidence, and we have a highly trained staff roster who excel in environmentally friendly and cost effective roofing solutions.

We offer a roof maintenance package which can extend the life of any new roof we replace. You can use this on your existing roof, unless it needs major repair work. Routine maintenance can save you thousands should your roof fail due to small problems worsening.

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