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Looking For A Reliable Odessa Roofing Contractor?

From Odessa, Texas we are an experienced, licensed, insured roofing contractor ready to work on your residential or commercial enterprise.

If you are searching for the ideal roofer in Odessa, Texas you have come to the right place. We are licensed and insured with the experience and professionalism to get your job done on time and on budget. We serve Odessa itself and areas within close proximity. When you are hiring a roofing company never utilize the services of any business who are not lawfully backed with licenses and insurance to operate in your location. They also must be bonded so your project is guaranteed to be completed.

Bonding and insurance protects you if something goes wrong. Check your contractors bond and license number to see if they are valid. Companies pay a premium for bonding sureties, and you know that contractors with bonding and insurance are serious professionals. This protects your home and property from accidental damage, financial permits and supplies they must pay for to complete your project. After the work is completed, if you think its below par, you can contact the surety company for legal recourse.



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Roof Repair & New Installation Prices

There is not a one price model for all roofs as naturally they vary in shape, size, and complexity. Your roof is most likely distinct to your home and when and where it was built. If you designed your home with an architect it is most likely very individual to your tastes. We will carry out an assessment and base our price on the recommendations which include materials, labor time, the amount of stripping, and whether you need a new roof or repairs. You may need mild or extensive repairs. The wear and tear on your roof will dictate if yours can be repaired or if its a complete overhaul you need.


Common Roof Problems

Damaged shingles are often the cause of the onset of roof damage. Winters can be tough on your roof. Ice can get clogged up on your roof and when it does it starts to expand. It can force its way through and under old or worn shingles, and even through flashing on your roof. Expanding ice, moss and leaves can clog up your gutters and when this happens trapped water will force its way through shingles, exposed nail heads and even through siding and improperly sealed skylights and chimneys.

Shingles can also be prematurely aged if your roof does not have adequate ventilation. Its not just the winter that has to potential to damage your roof, as years of hot sun can strip away the protective granules and inner protective coatings on roof shingles. Once these are gone shingles wear at a faster rate. Once shingles become brittle they are more susceptible to damage. You don't need a hurricane to inflict major damage, as even large hailstones can penetrate your roof or crack a tile and the next thing you will have is a leak and a colder home.

You should check your attic for holes or wet patches immediately after a hail storm and especially after a major storm. Storm impacts can cause roof punctures and split shingles with flying debris and hard compacted icy hailstones. If you find damage or holes repair them as soon as possible. Holes in your roof mess up your homes air flow and will allow the weather, birds and rodents the freedom of your attic space.

Once your roof has a water leak it can be the start of some unpleasant side effects inside your home.  Mold and rot can appear and electrical cabling, timber, masonry and plaster can take a hammering before water and damp starts to damage your paintwork, furniture and your respiratory system.

Chimneys and skylights can be beautiful and required features in the majority of homes, but they are prone to leaking. If the flashing (designed to keep out water) around them is dislodged or damaged it can lead to water leaks. If skylights weren't fitted correctly at the time of installation they can also let in water.


Inspection Time?

The average roof can last 25 years and more if there have been no major issues or storm damage. If your roof has regularly been cleaned and had a little serving it can last a lot longer. If you haven't serviced your roof and its been up over 10 years its worth getting a check up. If you know you already have issues its time to take action. A conscientious person wouldn't run their car knowing it is leaking oil, and the same rings true of your roof. If you don't nip small roof problems in the bud they quickly can transform into an expensive mess.

Our staff are exceptionally skilled in finding leaks and tracing them to the source. Water travels and can escape in gaps behind cavity walls or run off in a secluded attic space area before it streams down walls or emerges on ceilings. Slow leaks can make a fool out of anyone as they usually work away in the background and aren't discovered until you see staining or mold on walls and ceilings. Have a regular check under your roof for signs of damp and drips. If you notice exposed insulation is turning a darker color that usually indicates water is dripping onto it.


Superior Products

For all our jobs we only use commercial grade products that are backed up by 25 year and more manufacturer warranties. Roofs should be built right with long standing proven products. Book in a consultation process for your residential or commercial venture, whether that be new builds, renovations or a remodel. We can also liaise with your insurance providers.

If you are interested in servicing your roof we offer a maintenance package. Your roof is a complicated structure made up of many components and if you keep on top of damage you will prolong its shelf life and prevent problems developing inside your home.

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