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Need A Roofing Contractor In Midland Texas?

Based in Midland, Texas we are a family run, fully licensed, bonded and insured roofing contractor ready with the experience and manpower to work on your residential or commercial project.

Serving Midland and neighborhoods in close proximity we have worked on homes, apartments, warehouses, schools, and private enterprise contracts. We have worked with insurance adjusters, so if you are remodeling or renovating we would be delighted to walk you through the options.

Be advised that any contractor you employ for any repairs or renovations should be licensed, bonded and insured. This legally protects your home, it's contents and anybody in the property should things take a wrong turn. It also ensures your job will be completed. You don't want your home or your schedule to be left waiting for a disreputable company to finish the job. Seek licenses, insurance, written estimates and a contract before you agree a deal.


We will provide an estimate for our work once we survey your roof. A roof has lots of separate components. Roofs can be complicated with skylights, chimneys, dormer windows, ornamental features, and steep pitches. We will need to have a look at it's condition and base our price on the extent of repairs, time and materials needed. If your roof has major structural damage it may need to be replaced, right down to the supporting rafters underneath. We will quote you for the materials and labor time.

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Roof Problems To Be Aware Of

Water leaks can be caused by a multitude of problems. If a leak runs long-term it can have a severe negative effect on your home. Water can erode rock, and it will eat through timber, masonry and plaster and leave your home in a sorry condition. It can even weaken supporting walls as damp, rot and mold starts to accumulate if you have a continuous leak that's left unchallenged.

Shingles age, shrink and deteriorate over time. Protective coatings can wash off thus allowing shingles to shrink and twist in the hot sun. If moss starts to grow a large build up can allow water to flow underneath shingles and push them up, thus creating space for water to enter inside your home. Even slate can weaken and crack around the nail heads, due to their sheer weight pulling against the nails. Once a nail head is exposed, water can freely enter.

These days with the media using phrases such as "weather bombs" you wouldn't think innocent enough items like ice and debris dam build ups can spring a leak on your roof. Downspouts and gutters can become blocked with ice and leaves. Once ice freezes it expands. That can break spouting, gutters and even force trapped water underneath shingles.

Ice and moss build ups also cause debris dams which hold water behind them. If trapped water can't escape off your roof, it will escape inside your roof, through shingles, siding, soffits, flashing and masonry.

Even fleeting hail storms can create a lot of damage to roof shingles. Over the years, especially on older roofs made of wood or slate, we have seen them punctured by large chunks of hail after a storm. It's not a good idea to have a hole on your roof. It allows water and pests to freely enter and messes up your homes ventilation.



If your roof is composed of asphalt shingles it can survive up to 25 years before it needs to be repaired or relaid. If yours is close to this age it may be in your best interests to get it assessed. A little maintenance and repair work makes all the difference and can save you from replacing your entire roof. The weather can take a toll on your roof over time as can missing or slipped tiles, holes and structural damage, which can weaken your roof, cause dips and even a collapse. Give some attention to little problems before they develop into major problems damaging your wallet and your health.

It's also not a good idea to let water mix with electrical wires in your roof space. That's another reason you should try to fix roof problems as you find them, as they usually get worse the longer they are left. It can be tricky to pinpoint the source of a water leak, but you have to find it and repair the damage, or it can cause bigger problems if it's not dealt with.

If your house has poor ventilation it can lead to the onset of mold, especially in the attic space and upper rooms. If you don't have vents on your roof your home can become too airtight and your roof won't be able to "breathe" due to inadequate air flow. This can lead to problems with damp as Co2 inside your home cannot escape. If you have noticed water streaming down your windows in the morning, or worse mold appearing on ceilings and walls, ventilation can be the problem.


Storm Damage Repair

Ever had doorstep salesmen calling at your home after a big storm? They claim to represent some storm damage repair expert company you have never heard of. Yes, so they are so legit and right now they just happen to be passing by the neighborhood! Buyer beware- they are preying on your vulnerable state. Only do roofing business with certified licensed and insured companies who provide their insurance documents and license number so you can verify they aren't fake.


Quality Assured & Experienced

We only supply our customers with top rated approved products, most of our GAF shingles have a 25 year or higher life time warranties. Your roof will be cared for with professional craftsmanship and only the best available products that stand the test of time will be used.

Over the years we have dealt with hundreds of roof leaks. With this experience we can usually pinpoint the length on average you have had a leak for. If your home has significant mold, cracks or damp penetrating deep into supporting walls you most likely have had a long standing leak. A slow leak is harder to detect and can escape behind walls and floorboards without you noticing until it emerges as dark mold, cracks and stains.

We meet all regulation and environmental standards for Texas and can work on residential and commercial contracts. To date we have worked on municipal and state buildings, hospitals, schools, large developments, department stores, apartments blocks and period homes.

To protect your new roof, why not avail of our roof maintenance service? If you have an older roof, you can also use this service, unless major repairs or a new installation is needed. It makes sense to keep your roof in good condition with regular maintenance to protect it's structural integrity so you don't have to pay out for a new roof prematurely.


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