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Operating out of McKinney, Texas, we have been proudly serving residents in this area and it's suburbs for years. Make sure any roofer you choose is insured and licensed to protect you and your home and to ensure the job is finished to exacting standards. You do not want to be left with a roof not built to state licensing laws by a disreputable company, so make sure you see licenses and written insurance documents before you book your roofer.

Upon assessing your roof we will be able to provide you an exact picture of it's condition and of course the repair bill. Our non obligatory quote will feature a bill breakdown which is dependent on the nature of the job (repairs or replacement roof) as well as the material and labor costs). Roof tiles come in various price points. Asphalt is much cheaper than slate, cement and wood based tiles. Asphalt will not last as long and is therefore cheaper. Metal is also an option.




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Is A Roof Leak A Serious Concern?

A roof leak is not an innocuous little drip that can be tamed with buckets. It is the sign that water is freely entering your home. When water leaks though from your roof it actually rots your home. It can also make your roof unsafe if the damage is not dealt with. Not only does it wreck your roof, but it messes up the ventilation inside your home, creating damp, which is bad for your respiratory system.

Our inspection and subsequent estimate will determine whether the damage can be repaired or you need a new roof. An approximate time limit will also be decided for the job to take place. A roof composed of asphalt shingles can last up to 25 years before it needs to be repaired or relaid. It's worth getting an inspection if you have any doubts.

A roof replacement will only be advised in extreme cases, and you most likely will know this anyway if your roof is in bad condition. If you don't nip small roof problems in the bud they can soon become a nightmare. By tackling problems before they develop, you can offset structural damage from taking hold.

As you probably know a roof has quite a mixed array of components like chimneys, skylights, tiles, ridges, valleys, gutters, and more that all play a vital part in its structure. Each part can naturally age and be damaged over the years. Inclement weather changes such as hail storm can negatively impact your roof. Hailstones as hard as a golf ball can smash right through roof tiles and leave a hole or a crack that gradually becomes wider.

Do not go to bed at night knowing you have a hole in your roof. The weather, pests and rodents will freely enter and make a home or a river under your roof. A crack or a small hole in your roof will only lead to bigger problems. Remember what your mother said, a stitch in time will save nine. If water also becomes trapped on your roof by debris, loose mortar or ice, it can do noting else but work it's way inside your home. If moss gets trapped it acts like a sponge and water will eventually seep through tiles and appear inside your roof space.

Acting quickly is always the best policy. But not acting at all can be disastrous. You can dramatically reduce costs and structural damage if you sort out roof problems early. A water leak left unchallenged can compromise your entire home. Water travels and even though it emerges in your home, the source can be far away from where it breaks out.


Had A Storm Lately?

Had a storm of late? If so, don't be fooled by passing storm damage repair experts, who land on your doorstep after extreme weather. If they actually were experts in their field, you would have heard of them. Lots of these companies employ a rabble band of amateurs who don't have insurance and don't work to or understand licensing laws in your state. Can they product documents? Do they offer manufacturer warranties and bonds? Are their documents fake? You can check in your local building regulations offices to see if their company and licensing number is legit.

Over the years we have fixed hundreds of roof leaks and can usually detect if they have been continuing short or long term. Slow leaks are more difficult to detect than fast leaks, they can emerge as yellow or brownish spots on ceilings and walls. If you notice any of these tell tale signs don't delay in taking action. We also use superior products like GAF shingles which have 50 year warranties. We source the best products because some things like roofs should be built to last.

We can also provide commercial roofing systems for warehouses, schools or municipal buildings. Based on the environment and business or municipal specifications, we can construct energy efficient and heat reflective roofs. If you need to minimize heating and cooling costs this is the perfect solution.


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