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If you need roofing repairs or a new roof installed in Longview, Texas allow us to introduce ourselves. We are a licensed and insured roofing construction contractor serving the Longview area. Professional contractors are required by law to be licensed and have insurance bonds. Amateurs will bypass these legal requirements and if they aren't licensed they will be working to out-of-date building standards and can't meet the existing building regulations for Longview or anywhere else in Texas.

You would be very unwise to book a contractor who doesn't have insurance and licenses, and offers bonding, and signs a lien waiver & release, because if they do something wrong they can place your home and your finances in serious jeopardy, and you may have to pay your contractors suppliers if they run into financial difficulties.

The cost of replacing a new roof or repairing a damaged one is dependent on it's condition and whether you want to upgrade to a different type of roof. If you were to upgrade from wood or synthetic tile to Spanish tiles your home may have to be structurally reinforced to cope with this much heavier tile. The price we charge will summarize the labor and materials costs.

As all roofs are different some take more time than others due to their size and complexity. Some have lots of steep angles, chimneys and skylights, which all may need fixing or upgrading. This will result in longer labor times and material costs than a standard double gable or flat roof with a single chimney and no skylights.

Naturally the material choice will have bearing on the total price. Wood tiles cost more to purchase than asphalt tiles, slate and metal are also more expensive, yet longer lasting. Upon discussing your requirements and inspecting your roof we will provide a tailor made non-obligation quote which will list a full breakdown of your bill.



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Should You Pay Much Attention To Your Roof?

Your roof provides the protective seal for your entire house. It regulates heat and shelters you from the elements. If your roof tiles get damaged or if old Father time catches up with them, they can invite the elements into your home. A slight water drip over time can create a lot of damage to the supporting structure of your roof, and to all the contents inside your home.

Apart from age or storm damage, skylights and chimneys are traditionally common places for leaks to occur. Sometimes the flashing and sealing around them becomes loose, or it may not have been fitted to today's overlapping standards. This can invite water and cool air into your property. Sooner or later mold, condensation and dripping water can appear inside your home, damaging plaster, walls and your families respiratory systems. It can also dramatically lower the heat inside your home, and cause you to be unfit for work, and your children for school.

If you have any damage on your roof our inspection will assess whether it can be repaired or if the better route would be to put on a new roof. If repairs are not going to be cost effective, or if you actually structurally need a new roof we will advise that. We won't advise a new roof if your home doesn't need one. We understand roofs aren't cheap, but we also understand when you are fighting a losing battle against an old roof that is just going to cause you problems no matter how many times you shore it up.

Most roofs will last about 25 years or over before anything major needs to be done to them. Some slate tiles can last 50-100 years, they will need attention from time to time but they can last super long if you also take care of the rest of your roof. We can assess your roof for you if it hasn't been looked at for years. Only in extreme cases will a new roof be recommended. Something to be in mind of is that seemingly small problems like slow leaks, trapped water and algae can become major problems as they can penetrate through walls, ceilings and plaster and even your HVAC system, not too mention furniture, clothing and your electrics.


Storm Bashing

Apart from freak storms, hail can also hurt your roof. Think not? A large hailstone can blow clean through a roof tile just like a meteor. Even a small hole or crack is very bad for your roof as it will most likely enlarge and the weather and pests will free-fall into your home at will, messing up your homes energy system and destroying rafters, felt, insulation, ceilings, walls and plaster and anything stored in your attic or upper rooms. Heavier roof materials like slate, clay tiles and metal provide superior protection against hail.

If water is getting into to your home and meets with electric cables, this poses a fire risk. If you know you have holes or a leaky roof you should deal with these problems as soon as - before they spread out and cause much wider damage. Water leaks can occur from debris dams on your roof. Water can be built up from ice, leaf, foliage and moss accumulations. If water is lying on your roof or is trapped by ice, it works it's way under tiles and through wood and appears inside your home. The force of ice once it expands is enough to break gutters, downpipes and even push underneath roof tiles and shingles.

If a large storm has recently struck be on the look out for "storm damage experts" claiming to have the perfect remedy for your damaged roof. Buyer beware! Some of these guys are a rabble-roust band of amateurs and may not have valid state licenses and heaven forbid, insurance. Pass their services up and look in a local business directory and check license numbers and insurance documents before sealing the deal with your roofer.



Built To Last

Your home is a life long investment and with this in mind we only supply roof tiles that have lifetime warranties just to off shoot any potential side effects from shoddy materials. We only work with longstanding suppliers whose products are guaranteed to last up to 50 years and more.

We also work in the commercial sector and have a strong track record in designing, replacing, and repairing commercial properties and working with insurance underwriters.

To further enhance the longevity of your new roof, we also offer our unique roof maintenance service. An older roof may also use this service if it in good health. Regular maintenance will allow your roof to thrive over the years, and the benefit is you won't have to fork out a massive amount of cash due to a roof fail or extensive structural weaknesses occurring over the passage of time.


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