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If you need roof repairs or an entire new roof we are a renowned, regulated roofing construction business from Lewisville TX at your service. We have many satisfied customers in the Lewisville district and the surrounding neighborhoods. Make sure any roofer you are going to employ is regulated & insured. You do not want to be left hanging by a disreputable company, so seek licenses and written insurance documents upfront before you proceed with any negotiations.

The cost of your job depends on assessing a lot of elements. You will be able to avail of our roofing estimate free of charge before any work commences. Some things that have a bearing on the cost include the pitch or slope angle of your roof, whether it has chimneys, skylights and complicated elements, and naturally the choice of roof tile.

Our quote provides you the complete picture of where your money is going towards. Roofing projects are not just straightforward processes as many distinct elements make up your roof and each is essential in it's own right.

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Why You Need To Fix Your Leaky Roof

If you notice a sudden temperature dip in your upstairs rooms or attic, or notice brown stains or mold appearing on your ceilings and walls, or even water dripping down the walls, you could be dealing with a slow or fast water leak. Left untreated it will cause a lot of damage. If your home has several chimneys all may have to be resealed and left in structurally sound condition. Unfortunately this increases labor and material costs. Naturally if you have skylights the same applies. Chimneys and skylights are often the cause of many a leak.

Depending on the extent of the damage we will either repair or rebuild you a new roof, and the price will be reflected in our estimate. We will do our best to set a job time limit date, and do everything in our power to keep to it.

On average a roof can last 25 years. If yours is near that or you expect damage it's worth getting an inspection. You will only ever need to replace your entire roof in the worst case scenario. You need your roof to protect you from the elements, holes, missing tiles, and structural damage can leave your roof in a precarious condition. Take action and get to problems early before the take a hold.

Lately we've been treating a lot of homes in Lewisville for hail damage. Hard packed lumps of hail the size of a softball can go straight through your roof. Repair holes in your roof as soon as you find them. Rain, water, snow, birds and rodents will find a new home, and these don't mix with a healthy home environment.

Plus the last thing you want is water seeping into electric cables. Problems with your roof usually worsen the longer you leave them. Remember the old adage a stitch in time saves nine? Water can be dammed in by ice and leaf build ups in your spoutings and gutters and in dips in your roof. If water doesn't escape it will rot through the surface of your roof, and this is something we will check for.

Avoid storm damage repair experts like the plaque, who call on your doorstep after bad weather. Yes, they are so legit that they just happen ONLY to be passing through your neighborhood.

If you deal with roof problems at an early stage you can save a lot of structural damage. If you ignore water damage it can cause a tremendous amount of destruction.

Water can appear inside your home, although the source could be several meters away. Good roof ventilation allows your roof to breathe, it re-purposes air and gets rid of damp and moisture. If your roof has problems with ventilation, mold will appear throughout your home. Homes are built to an airtight standard these days, but if adequate ventilation systems haven't been built into your roof, your house will suffer from excess moisture, poor air quality and condensation, damp and mold.

All our staff members are highly skilled in dealing with leaks and resolving the damage cause by rot, mold and damp. Your house can alert you if you have had a long term leak by spots, staining or mold in ceilings and walls.

Just to be on the safe side the roof tiles we supply have lifetime warranties against defects. We exercise professional workmanship backed up with exceptional products.

A large backbone of our work is in the commercial sector, where dealing with government, safety and environmental regulations is the norm, as is working with insurance loss providers.

As well as repairs and replacements we offer roof maintenance packages. You can use this on your existing roof, unless it needs major repair work. For your roof to work efficiently a little maintenance goes a long way and eliminates problems.



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