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We are experienced roofing contractors proudly serving the city of Frisco and it's surrounding neighborhoods. If you have been looking for an insured regulated company with many satisfied commercial and residential customers, look no further.

Before you book in a roofing company ask yourself do I want to let a company loose on my roof who didn't produce licenses or insurance documents and who will go to work without a protection bond that covers for any accidents or mishaps? Don't proceed without legally backed warranties and guarantees, because if something goes wrong you aren't protected.


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We will provide a no-obligation quote that will detail the entire cost of your project. We will assess the structure of your roof, what condition the existing tiles and supporting elements are in. We will also assess insulation, chimneys, and skylights if you have them. Your quote is then based on the materials, labor and extra work (stripping off old roof), putting on gutters, cleaning tiles, resealing skylights etc.


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Don't let Roof Leaks Rot your Home

Not only can a water leak mess up your nice interior decor touches, but it can weaken your roof and it's supporting structures and produce a damp moist environment which is not good for your health. Of course you definitely do not want water mixing with electrical wiring. KABOOM! Like anything if you stop problems at the early stage it's better for your pocket before issues start emerging in walls and ceilings throughout the rest of your home.

We have dealt with hundreds of roof leaks over the years and we can usually tell the length of time they have been going on for. A common sign of a slow leak is brown or yellow stains on ceilings. This results from water soaking through insulation over a sustained period of time. You can even spring a leak from a ice, leaf and debris builds ups inside a spouting or gutter. Once water is trapped it can lead to rot and mold eating it's way through your roof.


Roof Inspection Time

The average roof can last up to 25 years. Our roof inspection will determine if you need repairs and maintenance to improve the integrity of your roof. If your roof can be repaired we will not recommend a replacement, unless it is more cost effective and beneficial in the long run. An unhealthy roof will not be able to work to it's full capacity in storms, high winds and extreme weather conditions. For your health and safety get problems fixed before they worsen.

You may have to carry out repairs after a hail storm. Quite often we see roofs damaged by hailstones that penetrate tiles and even pass through insulation felt. Repair holes in your roof as soon as you find them. If your roof has a hole it can not regulate heat and cool air. The weather and pests can also enter at will and cause mayhem.

Be cautious of anyone claiming to represent storm damage experts after bad weather wreaks havoc in your neighborhood. If they actually were experts, you would have heard of them.

Dealing with roof problems as early as possible is always the best policy. Sadly water leaks can cause extensive damage to your entire property if you don't deal with them.


Long Lasting Warranties

If any problems arise in your roof tiles over the next 25 years, they are backed up with a manufacturer's warranty. We only work with the best products that are proven and time tested.

To protect your new roof, we have a roof maintenance service available. Unless we recommend a replacement or extensive repairs, this can work with an older roof. Your roof can only insulate you from rain, heat and cold if it is functioning correctly. Keep your roof in optimum condition with regular maintenance.

We also supply and fit energy efficient and heat reflective roofing solutions for the commercial sector. If you have commercial needs get in contact to discuss your project in detail.



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