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Are you trying to locate a trustworthy professional roofing construction company in Flower Mound Texas? We have many satisfied customers in Flower Mound and neighboring districts. For your peace of mind you should only employ builders like ourselves who have insurance and are licensed to stave off unforeseen events. In the rare case of a disaster (storm, accidental damage, supplier going bust) everything will be covered by legal bonds.

If you book a friend or family member or have-a-go-hero, and things don't go according to plan, you could be out a small fortune and end up paying up again for professionals to mop up the mess.

All jobs are based on individual analysis. For this we will carry out an inspection before committing to any work. We will assess the structure of your roof and see what needs fixing and replacing. Some things that dictate the price are the surface area and angle of your roof, whether it has chimneys, skylights and of course the choice of roof tile you want to use.

The quote you receive will be laser targeted to your job requirements. A roof has a multitude of elements that make up the sum of it's unified parts. Any one of these can suffer turbulence through the years, from weather conditions, mold and ice and also trapped water.


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Leaky Roofs

Not only can a water leak mess up your nice interior decor & design touches, but it can weaken your roof and it's supporting structures and damp is also not good for your health. Chimneys and skylights are often the cause of many a leak. They can raise the cost of repair work due to their complexities.

We aim to create a schedule for the work to be done and will endeavor to stick to it. The lifespan of a roof is usually around 25 years. If you have any doubts get an inspection. A little maintenance and repair work can go a long way and can improve your existing roof without the need of replacing it. If your roof is not fit for purpose it could collapse in a storm. Attend to major problems before they worsen and damage your wallet and your health. Our estimate will factor in whether you need repair work or a completely new roof.

Sometimes we treat homes for repairs after a hail storm. Softball sized chunks of hail can go right through shingles. Do not leave your roof exposed! Holes in your roof are a very inviting place for rain, frost, snow and ice, not to mention rodents, birds and pests, which can enter at will. A water leak can also cause a fire if it mixes with electric wires. Leaks, holes and issues with your roof usually lead on to much bigger problems.

Now you know the true meaning of a stitch in time saves nine. Water can become trapped by ice, moss and leaf build ups in your spoutings and gutters usually and sometimes in valleys on your roof. When water can't escape it slowly rots through the surface of the roof, and this is something we will investigate in our inspection.

Just like internet scammers like to prey on the vulnerable, stay clear of sales reps claiming of course to be "storm damage repair experts" landing on your doorstep after a severe storm. If their claims were true you would be contacting them.

Dealing with roof problems at an early stage is the best option if you detect problems. You simply can't leave a water leak unchallenged, or it will cause major construction damage to your roof and the rest of your property.

If a water leak appears inside your home it can be difficult to find the source, as water travels. Dealing with roof leaks is our bread and butter, and we will most likely be able to tell you if you have had a long or short term leak. Brown or yellow stains can emerge on ceilings, directly the result of a slow leak soaking through insulation in your attic space.

We will also check if your roof has adequate ventilation. Roofs need to be ventilated correctly, if not condensation, mildew and mold will appear on windows and walls throughout your home and moisture levels raise and high humidity breeds moss, mildew and damp.


Professional Long Lasting Products

We use commercial grade roof shingles, and if a defect occurs they are guaranteed for 25 years and over by the manufacturer. We will only use the best products and tend to your roof with expert workmanship.

Our track record in the commercial sector ensures that we can design, repair, replace and perform maintenance to commercial properties and work alongside insurance providers. Call today to discuss your roof!

Prevent your roof from getting into disarray with our roof maintenance package. Unless we recommend a replacement, you can use this service on older roofs. The elements and time will age your roof, but you can prolong it's life with regular maintenance.




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