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Have you been looking out for a trustworthy professional roofing construction company in Carrollton, Texas? Got roof problems keeping you awake at night? We have many satisfied customers in the Carrollton area and it's surrounding neighborhoods.

Roofing is a serious business and this is one area where amateurs should stay clear of. These jobs should only be carried out by professional licensed contractors who carry up to date licenses with bonding and insurance guarantees to cover accidental damages or personal injury claims, and to ensure the work is finished. If you have people on your roof without insurance and experience it's a lethal Molotov cocktail waiting to explode.


Individual Approach

Your home, like you is uniquely individual. We tailor our repair, maintenance and replacement projects to your home and it's specific needs. We will analyze your roofs condition, and price up the materials you desire and factor them into your free of charge quote. Roof tiles vary in price, asphalt tiles are about the cheapest and artistic choices like cedar, wood shake, slate and tile shingles are aesthetically pleasing, longer lasting and more expensive.

Roofs have lots of separate elements and we will have to analyze the structural condition of these before we finalize your quote. If you want the Spanish style tile shingle look, we have to check the structure of your existing roof to see if it can support these heavier tiles. Our roof inspection will analyze these factors which we then will work into your quote so you can see a final breakdown of costs, including materials and the labor.



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Roof Leaks Causing Problems?

You should always aim to stop a roof leak as quickly as you can. Leaks will keep on getting worse usually instead of better if you don't take affirmative action. Leaks can appear from rusty pipework, damaged or missing shingles, and they can also emerge from the ever-troublesome skylights and chimneys. If flashing (lead or cement sealing usually) breaks off or becomes damaged over the years it can create an avenue for water to appear inside your home.

Tiles can also pop and crack due to environmental factors. Ice can become trapped and expand under your roof tiles which can dislodge tiles and allow water to seep inside your home. Some roofs can survive up to 30 years before any major work needs to be done. If you have any concerns book a roof inspection with us and we can pinpoint what state your roof is in. Even if you have noticed problems a roof replacement will only be needed in extreme cases. Something you probably will be aware of anyway.

If you noticed your roof appears to be caving in, or if you have a lot of leaking, or suffered storm damage, your roof could be in a hazardous condition. Get it checked out before it causes major construction damage to the rest of your home and it's inhabitants.


Storm Damage

Now we will talk about savage storms destroying your roof, or home even, or will we? No, we will talk to you about the not so innocent hail storm. Hail storms can be extremely vicious on your roof, especially if it has worn over the years, and the protective granules have worn off your shingles. A speeding hail stone the size of a softball can hit your roof with such force (force = mass X acceleration) that it goes straight through or cracks a shingle. Next thing is, it triggers a water leak or creates a hole.

This allows water, condensation, ice and pests the capacity to enter your home. It also plays havoc with your homes ventilation. Mold, damp and cracks will appear inside your home if you don't fix a hole as soon as you find it. Water mixing with your electric cables is also not a good thing. A hole can be reinforced and fixed relatively easy enough. But sometimes a crack will encourage a slow leak, and a slow leak is harder to find than a fast leak.

It can even occur for months before you know something is not right. Mold, damp and stains can appear in ceilings, walls and plaster work. Your home can become incredibly colder, especially once the climate dips. It also becomes warmer during the summer, energy bills start to rise. You may think your house is aging or it does not have enough insulation. By that stage you could have a lot of water damage before you know about it. If you have any doubts, book a roof inspection. Our guys are also extremely experienced at leak detection. As water travels tracing the leak can be very hard for the untrained, inexperienced eye. It may also not be found until the roof is lifted.


High Grade Products

We work with exceptional proven products that have long life spans and warranties. We use products like GAF shingles which have 25-30 year warranties against manufacture defects. You should only place extremely durable long lasting products on your roof.

A large backbone of our services takes place in the commercial sector. We deal with state safety and environmental regulations. We also regularly deal with insurance loss providers. If you are repairing your roof with your insurance company we can deal with them directly as well.


Roof Maintenance Services

We have a roof maintenance package which you can use to keep your roof in long lasting condition. A stitch in time save nine remember. Unless your roof needs to be replaced this can work on your existing roof. Just like our bodies and our motor vehicles a service from time to time goes a long way to keeping things ticking over smoothly.



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