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 We have included Texas in the Southwest sector due to simplicity. Many directories and journals would also list it in the South Central region. The Southwest climate varies wildly, our contractors in your city will be able to advise the best roofing materials recommended for your home. There will always be cheaper options available, like Asphalt Shingles, which can be used in any climate, but there will be better choices available that can dispense heat and cool air more effectively and also stand up to the elements.

The weather is Texas varies wildly and the state is so vast encompassing several regions with distinct climates. Texas is also prone to hurricanes, tropical cyclones and floods, especially in the upper regions. It is part of Tornado Alley. It experiences more tornadoes than any other state, averaging 139 per year. If you live in one of these zones you better have a roof to cope with high wind speeds. Due to it's proximity to the Gulf of Mexico and the Pacific Ocean, Texas is subject to tropical storms.

Texas is not all tropical all year round as the central hill country is subject to cool winters. The North & West of Texas is prone to snow and hailstorms are quite common throughout the entire state. The North & Eastern regions are particularly prone to thunderstorms. From spring right through to the start of summer Tesco usually receives a high degree of rainfall brought on by low pressure from Northern Mexico, which can result in monsoon like conditions.

You need a roof that can withstand high rain volumes in short bursts of time, combined with a material that can withstand high wind speeds and also dispense heat during arid searing hot summers. Asphalt Shingles are cheap but they may not always last the distance, without regular maintenance and roof leak checks.