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Need Roof Repairs In San Angelo?

Need a good roofer in San Angelo, TX? What about a licensed, insured roofing contractor that offers you bonding and protection? We have a team of certified and experienced roofing professionals who can complete any type and size of roofing repair and installation job on time and within budget.

General Roofing Issues

One of the most common problems with roofing is damaged shingles and tiles. The winter season can be harsh on your roof. Patches of ice can build up and force its way under old shingles. It can also force through flashing. Expanding ice along with leaves, twigs, and moss can clog up gutters. This can result in water becoming trapped. This will eventually start to wear through your roof and make its way through shingles, siding, protruding nail heads, and even through cement around chimneys and skylights.

Apart from the winter season, the sun can also potentially damage your roof. Exposure to sunlight can strip away the protective granules present on shingles and wood shakes. Once this UV blocking layer is gone they are susceptible to damage and drying up in the sun.



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Got Roof Damage?

You don't need hurricane conditions to inflict serious damage on a roof as granite hard hailstones can crack shingles and lead to a leak. Skylights and chimneys are susceptible to leaking. If the flashing around the chimneys that is designed to keep out water becomes damaged in any way, water leaks can become a persistent problem. Also, if the skylights were not properly fitted during installation, it can lead to a water leak.

Once your roof begins to let in water, it can result in unpleasant side effects like mold and mildew formation. In addition, water can damage masonry, electrical cabling, timber, and plaster. Your nice paintwork and furniture can also be ruined.

You should always inspect your attic space for wet patches or holes after a major storm, and particularly after a hail storm. If you notice damage or a hole, you should have it repaired immediately. Holes can not only reduce the energy efficiency inside your home, but also let in rodents, birds, and other pests.


Dependable Roofing Experts

For any type of roofing issues, you can count on our expert repair and installation team. When it comes to hiring a contractor, you should always select one that has years of experience and is lawfully backed with licenses and insurance to protect against unforeseen circumstances and mishaps. They should also be bonded and offer guarantees regarding the project, including timescales and completion dates.

If you book a professional company that supplies a contract with a bonding surety, if something goes wrong during the renovation work, you will not have to pay extra. You must always check the bond number of the contractors to ensure that they are valid. Rest assured that companies that are bonded and insured will do a better job because If you are not satisfied with the work, you have the option of contacting the surety company for legal recourse.

We offer dependable professional roofing services in San Angelo, TX, and nearby areas. We are a certified and bonded roofing contractor who can expertly carry out all types of roofing repair work.


Cost of Roof Repairs and Installation

We will perform an initial assessment and give you a quote based on the extent of the roofing work required. The cost of the repair and installation varies and depends on the size, shape, complexity and material costs. Our price will be a total of the labor time, material costs, removal of old roof if required, and whether the job requires repair work or a brand new installation. Your roofs condition will determine the extent of the repairs needed and the cost of the repair work.


Quality Commercial Grade Roofing Products

We make use of high spec commercial grade roofing products. All of which are backed up by 25 year and over warranties. Our roofing products last for a very long time giving you complete peace of mind. If you are considering a complete home remodel, renovation or new roof design, we can offer a guaranteed service. We also provide maintenance packages to ensure that your roof remains in great shape throughout long winters and hot summers.

Our staff are skilled in maintaining and performing repairs on all types and sizes of roofs. We can quickly perform repair work and liaise with insurance providers, if required. Contact us today for a free initial consultation for your residential or commercial roofing project.

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