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Are you looking for a reliable roofing construction company in Mesquite Texas? We operate in Mesquite and areas nearby. Before you choose your roofer for home repairs or roof replacements, perform some due diligence. Make sure the company you decide upon is regulated. Companies without insurance and roof repair jobs are a lethal cocktail that should be avoided at all costs.

What Are The Costs?

The cost of your job depends on assessing a lot of elements. We will supply you with an estimate that covers everything before we start any repair or replacement work. Slate and wood shake tiles are stylistic and aesthetically pleasing for instance, but they are more expensive than standard Asphalt Shingles. If there are skylights and chimneys involved, this will increase the labor time and complexity of the job.

That's why your quote will be laser targeted to your individual roof. Roofing jobs can quickly become complicated by the sum of all these separate components; chimneys, skylights, gutters, tiles, insulation, underfelt, roof slopes, ventilation, soffits, eaves, overhangs...With so many design elements to incorporate small jobs can certain become bigger projects.

Some roofs can be refurbished whilst others are in such bad condition you need a new installation. Our estimate will let you know the costs. We will aim to create a schedule for the work to be done and will endeavor to stick to it.

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Roof Leaks

Something as simple as a water leak can cause tremendous devastation to your home if left untreated. Chimneys and skylights are beautiful and required features in most homes. They also are difficult to navigate and increase the difficulty and time of repair jobs. If you suspect a leak, the sealing around skylights and chimneys is often the culprit. If they need new flashing (sealant), this will increase labor and material costs.

Dealing with roof problems as early as possible is always the best policy. Water damage can be a nightmare. Water can find its way inside your home even though it emanates several meters away. If you notice mold, condensation and mildew appearing throughout your walls and windows, your roof could have poor ventilation in place.

All staff members are experts in detecting leaks and dealing with the subsequent damage. Your house can alert you if you have had a long term leak by spots, staining or mold in ceilings and walls.


Inspecting Your Roof

The average lifespan of a roof lasts approx up to 25 years. Our team will be happy to conduct a thorough roof inspection if you have any concerns. Not all houses will need to install an entire new roof if problems arise. With all the storms and floods hitting all parts of the United States of late, you should take the condition of your roof seriously. Don't leave roofing problems to fester or the damage can become major.

You may need to conduct roof repairs after a heavy hail storm has hit. It's not uncommon for your roof to be punctured by a large piece of hail after a brief storm. You would be unwise to leave a hole in your roof for too long. Pests can freely enter, as can the weather, and your house will not ventilate properly.

If you don't deal with problems in your roof they will only spread. Remember the old adage a stitch in time saves nine? If there is a build up of ice or leaves in your spoutings or gutters it can lead to rot and mold as water will build up and not be able to escape. We will also check for this.

Don't be taken in by salesmen who arrive at your door after a storm breaks. Really, if they were legit you would have heard about them before now.

We use long standing products like GAF shingles which are backed by 25-50 year warranties. We always use the industries best products and work in a professional timely manner.

We also work in the commercial sector and have completed municipal and college buildings, schools, churches and apartments.

Prevent your roof from getting into disarray with our roof maintenance package. Unless we recommend a replacement, you can use this service on older roofs. Over time the weather, environment and accidents will damage your roof. Regular maintenance will assess the damage and keep it in check.

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