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Looking for a professional regulated roofing contractor in Irving Texas? We serve Irving and it's surrounding communities.  We carry insurance as well as being licensed which offers your financial protection and peace of mind. Never work with a company without insurance or licenses, because your home and your wallet will be hit hard if something goes wrong.

Before determining the cost of your job an inspection will determine the condition of your roof.  The price we quote will be based on whether you need a new roof or if yours can be repaired. We will quote you for the cost of materials and the labor. Almost all roofing jobs are unique as the extent of damage and the size of one roof to the next varies wildly. Some roofs have multiple chimneys and ornate iron and brickwork, some have multiple skylights or steep slopes.

Once the condition of your roof is assessed and our measurements are calculated we will provide a quote. This will also be based on the materials you want and whether you want to upgrade from asphalt shingles for example to wood shake or slate tiles.

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Roof Leaks

We all have a picture in our minds from childhood or from old comics of capturing leaks in buckets and pots as parents frantically battle against the odds to contain leaks. In the long term if leaks aren't dealt with you will need more than a bucket to fix the problem. Leaks can get into your home from a multitude of sources, and if left to run water damage can be tremendous.

If a water leak has been running long term it can rot the supporting beams and rafters and you may need to replace the entire roof. It can also damage ceilings and walls, plaster work, pipes and electrical components. If you have any furniture stored in your attic it can be ruined with damp, mold and water leaks. Ever been in a moldy attic with lots of damp? It smells bad for a reason. Your attic and it's contents are beginning to rot.

That's why if you can its best to sort out roof problems early on as the damage keeps getting worse and worse. Water will travel across any surface it meets and the source of the leak can be several meters from where it you first notice it. We are highly skilled in dealing with slow leaks like these and resolving the damage cause by damp, mold and rot.


Roof Health Check

A roof with basic roof tiles can last around 25 years. Metal and wood shake roofs can last a lot longer, which is why they are more expensive. They won't last forever and will wear out at some stage. If your roof has been up for a long period it's wise to have it inspected. Even if there are issues it won't always call for a new roof. Sometimes all you need is a little reinforcement, some new tiling, and sealing or insulation, or minor repairs. As your roof regulates your homes heat and ventilation, it has to be kept in good condition for it to optimally work.


Storm Damage

Something as innocuous of hail can be a problem for homeowners. If hailstones are hard and big enough they can compact right through your roof tiles and even land in upper bedrooms and into your attic (depending on the condition of your under felt if you have it). This can be a problem especially if you don't notice them at first. Needless to say you don't want holes in your roof as you could wake up to the sound of birds or the scattering of rodents feet above your ceiling some day. Not to mention the damage the elements will do to an exposed roof.

Inspect your roof space after a storm has hit, check the underside of your roof for any damage and look for hail entry points. Be on guard also of so called storm damage repair experts who come a knocking on your door after a freak storm has ravished the neighborhood, they can do more damage to your roof than the storm itself. Most of these guys are not licensed, bonded and insured and are a ramshackle of tradesmen masquerading as a legit business.

To protect your new roof, we also provide a roof maintenance service. This can also work on older roofs, if they are in good enough shape. Small problems can soon become major issues if left to fester. We designed our maintenance package to product your investment and to save you from purchasing a new roof.


Materials, Commercial Projects & Warranties

Our roofing products are commercial grade and most manufacturers have 25 year warranties attached. We exercise professional workmanship backed up with exceptional products and insurance. We also provide energy efficient and heat reflective roofing solutions for the commercial sector. Get in contact today to discuss your requirements.



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