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If you have been surfing the web searching for a regulated and insured roofing contractor in Grand Prairie you have come to the right place. We serve Grand Prairie itself and areas nearby. The contractor you employ for any work  on your roof should be licensed, bonded and have insurance so your home and anybody in the property is legally protected should things heaven forbid, take a turn for the worse. If things go pear shaped, you could be looking at shelling out a small fortune to fix an amateurs shoddy job.

Our costs are based on a lot of variables, whether it comes to fixing or replacing your roof entirely. You will receive an estimate that includes the cost of labor and materials before we start to work on your project. The choice of materials used and the intricacies of your roof, as well as it's size and slope (pitch) will determine the price.

You therefore can pinpoint exactly where your money is going. Your roof consists of many individual elements that make up the sum of all it's parts, and each can take a battering over the years, via weather conditions, mold and even ice build ups.

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Roof Leaks

If you have a leak water will travel as far as it is allowed and if it is not stopped it can cause rot and mold leaving you with a heck of a repair bill and a lot of wood and plaster to dry out and maybe replace if it is severely damaged. If your chimney needs repaired or sealed, and or if you have skylights this adds to the labor time and can raise the overall material costs. Chimneys and skylights are often the cause of many a leak.

We will quote you the cost of all the repair work and labor costs, or price you for a new roof in our estimate.

Did you know the most roofs have an average 25 year lifetime? If yours is near that or you expect damage it's probably worth getting an inspection. You won't always need a new roof should problems exist. It's usually only in extreme circumstances, including long term neglect or bad workmanship.


Roof Problems

Over the years missing tiles, holes, leaks, rot, loose brick work or flashing can leave your roof in an unfit state. A roof collapse can cause major structural damage to the rest of your home, not to mention the potential ill effects to it's inhabitants. Did you know that hail storms can have a negative impact on your home? Hailstones the size of a tennis ball can go right through the tiles of your roof.

Repair holes in your roof immediately. A hole in your roof will invite pests and the weather to enter, it will also allow heat to escape from your home. The lethal concoction of water mixing with electric creates a fire hazard. If you leave a hole in your roof it will only worsen in the long term. A stitch in time definitely saves nine. Ice build ups can also clog up gutters and spoutings, which left untreated can incur leakages inside your home.

After a bad storm, avoid doorstep crawlers claiming to represent damage repair experts. If they were they would not be calling at your door, you would be calling them. Dealing with roof problems as early as possible is always the best policy. A water leak left unchallenged can compromise your entire home.

Water can emerge in your home through popped nails, cracked or missing tiles, water build ups from ice dams and even through ventilation ducts. One thing that can lead to problems with your roof and the rest of your house is poor ventilation. An air tight home causes mold, damp and condensation which plays havoc will your home and also is harmful for allergy and asthma sufferers. Even if you don't usually have problems with this a poorly ventilated home is bad for your respiratory system and general health as it starves you of clean oxygen.

Our highly skilled staff are experts in investigating roof leaks with the aim of stopping them at the source.  Keep an eye out for brown or yellow stains on ceilings, directly the result of a slow leak soaking through insulation in your attic space.

We use high grade products that have long guarantees, GAF shingles for instance have 30 year and over warranties. We have the expertise and superior products to get the job done right.

We offer a roof maintenance package which can extend the life of any new roof we replace. Unless there are major repairs to be carried out, this can work on older roofs. Your roof can only insulate you from rain, heat and cold if it is functioning correctly. Keep your roof in optimum condition with regular maintenance.

We also work in the commercial sector and have completed municipal and college buildings, schools, churches and apartments.

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