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Looking For A Reliable Amarillo Roofing Contractor?

Based in Amarillo, Texas we have the experience and manpower to complete your next residential or commercial project.

If you have been trying to hire competent, professional roofing contractors in Amarillo, Texas with all the right credentials, you have come to the right place. We have successfully served the Amarillo neighborhoods for years. Roofing should not be attempted by amateurs and needs to be carried out by licensed professional contractors with bonding and insurance guarantees to cover accidental damages, stock delays, and personal injuries. Bonding also ensures the work will be completed. Roofing companies worth their salt have state licensing and insurance documents.

The cost of roof repairs and replacement roofs are unique to your property. Based on the size, structure, materials, labor and condition of your existing roof. If you are building a new home we will tailor the price to your specific dimensions and the materials you need. Once we carry out an inspection and discuss the options you want we will provide a quote and timescale for your project.

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Roof Damage & Causes

Water leaks can devastate your property. Water can make a way into your home even though the source of the leak can be several meters away from where it breaks out. Water and mold does not always spring from a leak, inadequate ventilation can lead to a build-up of water that streams down your walls and windows. It also creates mold and the vicious cycle continues.

If your roof does not have good ventilation in place, tiles can deteriorate and weaken leaving them prone to damage and letting in water. Poorly ventilated houses also create a lot of dead air, and in many cases make your home air tight. If your roof does not have a good ventilation system in place there will not be a continuous supply of air circulating in your home.

If air cannot escape and enter into your home the air you breath will be of poor quality as you are constantly recycling the same air. This is not good for your home or your property. Homes just like us  have to breathe properly, and the best kind of air is fresh air.

Leak detection is our business and by assessing the damage we can usually tell if it’s a short term or long term leak you have been experiencing. Slow leaks are nasty, as they take their time building up steam, and can hide away behind walls and plaster, before they bust through ceilings and emerge as yellow and brown stains.

Chimneys and skylights have traditionally been problem areas when it comes to leaking. Ill-fitting and loose flashing can be the main culprits. The more chimneys and skylights you have, the more susceptible you are to leaks.

Weather doesn’t have to reach dramatic levels to have negative consequences for your roof. Over the years UV rays, frost and moss can cause wear and tear on your shingles and leave them in a vulnerable state. If any of your shingles are bulging or have moved out of place you should replace them. After a hail storm, it makes sense to inspect inside your attic for damage.

Look out for light or water piercing through your roof. Large hailstone can smash through damaged shingles. Repair holes and cracks in them immediately as they offer an extremely welcoming invite for birds, bugs and pests, not forgetting rain, frost, ice and snow, which can easily get in and spring trouble.

If your roof needs fixing, once the damage is assessed we will carry out repairs or rebuild your roof if the damage or price to fix is too much. If you are concerned call today to arrange a roof inspection. If you fail to take action on small problems they can turn major right when you don’t need them to. If water starts to rot through rafters and supporting walls your roof can become a major hazard making it unsafe for anyone to live in the property. By that stage the price will run into thousands to put right.

Problems usually worsen they longer they are left unattended when it comes to your roof. Ignore water damage at your peril because water has the capacity to erode rock and can cause major destructive damage if it runs long term.


Why Hire Us?

One of our long-term product suppliers is GAF, a mega roofing industry giant that backs up its products with 50 year warranties. These products are the elite of the industry and a great investment for the future.

We can back up everything we do with a long track record of providing roofing services to the residential sector and commercial industries. Standards and safety have always taken the highest precedence, and our highly skilled, regulated, experienced staff roster excel in environmentally friendly cost saving roofing solutions.

To keep your roof in great shape over the years we have a maintenance package which protects your roof and stops rot and structural problems from taking shape. If everything is running smooth with your roof it will do its job properly, keeping out the elements and playing a key role in regulating your homes ventilation.


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