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For all you roofing related problems, whether it be a leaky roof or storm damage, or general concerns in the Allen TX area (and beyond) get in contact with us today. We are licensed and insured which means we meet all city and state regulations to work in Texas. This ensures your home, it's contents and anybody in the property is legally protected which is essential before you consider any construction work on your primary asset, your home. Start with your best foot forward by only allowing companies to work at your home that have up to date paperwork and insurance documents.

How Much Will Repairs or A New Roof Cost?

First up, we will not recommend a new roof just for the heck of it. It will only be considered when there is major structural damage and repairs are not feasible. Naturally you should take advantage of our free estimate quotation after we check the condition of your roof. The price will quote is then based on the cost of materials, the labor time and the complexity of the job.

For example a roof with lots of angles and a steep pitch increases the labor time. A flat roof with a small surface area will be cheaper on labor and materials. The type of tile you use will have a large bearing on the price as wood, slate and metal are more expensive than asphalt shingles.

If you want to upgrade from a lighter synthetic tile to Spanish ceramic tiles for that colonial aesthetic look, the supporting structure of your roof may have to be strengthened and redesigned to cope with this much heavier tile. Materials and labor make up most of the bill, and elements like chimneys and skylights which are complicated in nature may need to be resealed, and brought up to a healthy standard when completing your project. These are prone to leaks and can be difficult to seal and repair.

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Leaky Roofs & Problems To Address

The common roof leak can cause a lot of damage and raise the cost of repair bills and compromise the structure of your roof and, everything underneath- walls, ceilings, masonry, furniture, electric cables.... A roof inspection will determine if your roof is in a healthy state or not. Asphalt shingle roofs will last on average 20-25 years. Wood, slate and metal roofs can last up to 50 years.

Roof leaks and damage can be a financial pain as some roofs have to be completely stripped back and extensive repairs or an entire replacement will be needed. Our roofing estimate will list the entire costs to fix or replace your roof. We will also endeavor to provide a timescale for the job once the materials have been decided.

You may need to conduct roof repairs after a heavy hail storm has hit. Large pieces of hail have the capacity to penetrate roof tiles. A hole in your roof is a bad idea. The weather and pests will have free will to enter and your homes ventilation system and it's contents will be severely impacted. Water and electric causes a fire hazard. If you don't deal with problems in your roof they will only spread. A stitch in time saves nine aptly refers to what happens if you don't deal with roof problems and let them run unchallenged.

Be wary of sales reps who show up on your door after a storm passes. If they were who they said they were, you would have found them before they found you.

Early detection and repairs of roof damage can dramatically reduce the overall damage and be a lot kinder to your budget. If you leave a water leak to run you it can cause a massive amount of damage. Water will travel along any surface it can and the source of a water leak can be several meters from where it manifests.

We are extremely experienced in spotting roof leaks and tracing them right back to the source. From assessing the damage we can pinpoint how long on average they have been occurring. Your house can alert you if you have had a long term leak by spots, staining or mold in ceilings and walls.


Long Term Solutions

The roof tiles we use have lifetime warranties. We source the best products and operate in a professional manner. We provide our services to the commercial sector and work frequently on school, municipal, government and apartment blocks.

Don't wait until damage surfaces before looking at your roof. Book our maintenance package to keep problems in check. Older roofs can make use of maintenance packages unless we need to do major repairs or a replacement is required. Keep your roof in good shape with regular maintenance. This will protect it's structural integrity and save you from prematurely shelling out a substantial amount of cash for a new roof.





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