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If it's a licensed, professional & friendly roofing construction company you need in the Abilene Texas area, allow us to make your acquaintance. We have a good reputation here for meeting customers expectations and that is something we strive to continue with. As we are licensed and insured, your home will be in safe hands whilst we are on the job. Don't let someone work on your roof without insurance. Not only do you need to ensure the work is completed by qualified professionals, it also offers you legal protection in the case of disputes or accidents.

If an amateur fixes your roof and something goes wrong in a month or two, will you have any comeback? Will they return and fix the job? Will they do it in a timely manner? Without a written contract and insurance you might be brushed off. Make these a requirement and you have legal backing.


Unique Job Requirements

Before you get an estimate for your project we will have to conduct an inspection to assess the condition of your roof. Jobs are priced on material costs and the labor time. The extent of any damage has a bearing on the price. Sometimes it is actually more cost effective to put on a new roof or upgrade to a roof more efficient at withstanding your localities weather. Chimneys and skylights effect the price, especially if they have to be repaired. They also increase the labor time. For instance, a roof that is not split up into sections, will be cheaper to fix than a roof with multiple sections and valleys, dormer windows and numerous skylights and chimneys.

Our quote will address all the elements that need repaired or upgraded and list a full breakdown in the bill including the cost of tiles. Tiles just like cars vary in price, from the cheaper cement and asphalt based tiles to the more expensive wood, slate and metal varieties. Spanish tiles look great but they are heavier and more expensive to install than asphalt tiles. They may require you to upgrade supporting beams and timbers so your roof can cope with the heavier weight load.



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What Causes Roof Damage?

The ever-prevalent water leak can be quite a nasty blight on your home, especially if you don't trace it to the source. It can rot a lot of material before it is even found out. It works silently in the background in the case of a slow leak. By the time you find out about it, it can have rotted through rafters, plaster, masonry and furniture. If you have an attic it's advisable to look around for signs of leaking during and immediately after a downpour of rain.

Accumulations of moss, debris and loose mortar can create a spongy ecosystem on your roof that eventually seeps through your roof tiles or soffitts. Lead can even leak if it wasn't sealed correctly or was cut into by a power saw. Skylights are especially prone to leaking, usually due to poor fitting and sealing. Today's building standards have moved forwards, so there are now mortar free tile solutions and ventilation is also a precedent.

Inadequate ventilation leads to condensation, damp and raises humidity levels which can cause rotting and manifest as mold and streaming water inside your home. This is very bad for allergy prone individuals, and it is not good for your respiratory system if humidity levels rise about 60%.


Warning Signs

If you notice insulation turns a darker color in your attic space it is usually the sign of a slow leak. Slow leaks unfortunately are harder to detect as they usually take their time working their way under tiles and filling up gaps under plasterboard and in cavity walls before they emerge on ceilings and begin to drip down walls. You will probably notice a leak on a drywall or ceiling much quicker if the leak emerges there. Yellow or brown staining on your ceiling usually reflects a slow leak working its way through a layer of insulation.

If you have a hailstorm and notice the chunks of hail are very large, have a check around your attic. Do this in the daylight and turn off any lights so you can see if any light is piercing through from your roof. Large hailstones can crack or penetrate tiles, especially older tiles that have been aged and weakened through years of UV rays and weather.

We provide our services to residential homeowners and we also work in the commercial sector and have completed projects on large scale housing developments as well as working on municipal, government and commercial led enterprises. We have the experienced and qualified manpower to meet your needs. We also use commercial grade products that come with lifetime guarantees. You can rest assured your project will be in safe hands covered by protected bonds. Get in contact with us today and we will be glad to provide our services to you.




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