Roofing Estimate: Tips to Get a Favorable Estimate


If your roof is beyond repair, getting old or in a sorry state, then unless you want to move it’s time for repairs or a complete replacement. If you are handy with DIY you may have even done an inspection yourself. This way it’s easier to be fooled by unscrupulous roofing companies. Unless you can gather a team together to carry out the work it’s time to call round contractors and get some estimates.

While some homeowners would just pick the first company to present a bid, choosing a contractor this way is a recipe for failure. Certainly, there are contractors that will give you a fair bid, but it’s wiser to ask several firms. To get a better idea of a ballpark figure.

If you are planning on hiring a crew for some repairs or a completely new installation, here are some tips to help you choose the perfect fit.


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Get A Minimum of Three Roofing Estimates

Getting at least three estimates or quotes from different contractors will give you a lot of ideas. First, it will tell you the current going rate for the kind of service that you want. While the quote won’t be the same, it will give you an average or a good middle ground of what contractors are currently charging for roofing services.

Second, different contractors will give you different service packages and it will give you an idea of what you need. Make sure to choose from both large and small contractors to get a good variety from your quotes.


Know What The Contractor Is Dealing With

When you have a good idea as to the extent of the repair, you will know what to expect from contractor’s estimates. When the estimate includes something that is not needed, you can immediately object because you know what needs to be done.

Most contractors will conduct an inspection before providing an estimate unless you are extremely specific and certain of what you need and all the measurements. But even with these most companies will send someone out to gather the measurements and have a look anyway.

You should also know what they are looking for so that you will know what to expect when the estimate comes in. This is also helpful when comparing contractors against one another. For example, if one says they need to replace the chimney and another doesn’t it’s time to ask questions.


Contact Manufacturers/Suppliers To Find Out Material Costs

Part of the estimate would be the cost of materials. While it’s understandable for contractors to make a profit out of the materials used in the repair or installation, contacting the supplier will give you a good idea how much the contractor has bloated his profit margins. You can then proceed to choose the contractor who only charges a reasonable mark up.


Length Of Time Taken To Receive The Estimate

A good contractor is one who can follow a deadline. If he promises to deliver the quotes on a certain date and fails by a long while, there is a good chance that it is also reflective of their working practices. What you’re looking for is a contractor who sticks to their word and who values their promises. You have to remember that any contract is first and foremost based on trust.

Finally, there is another factor to consider that can cause your estimate price to be high or seemingly excessively exacerbated. You also must take into consideration the complexity of the work that needs to be done.

If you have a complex roofing design, with many slopes, angles, chimneys, skylights or extreme slants, understand that the job isn’t going to be easy and it will definitely cost a lot more than a flat roof or a roof with traditional gables and a single chimney.


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